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Williams Travel Time EM pinball repair (#005)

Received a call from a gentlemen in Vegas with a 1972 Williams Travel Time EM pinball machine. They had recently moved it across town, and the movers dropped the game off the truck. This resulted in the backbox wood cracking open, and the score glass backglass breaking into several large pieces. We were asked to fix the wood and glass problems, and repair the game to fully functional state, in the owner’s garage.

The backbox wood was not so bad to repair. Some glue and a couple screws made that repair pretty straight forward. The backglass however, was another story. Best we could do is to use clear packing tape to hold it together. This actually works decent, but you can’t make the glass cracks disappear! They will need a new backglass to ‘fix’ that! Fortunately they are available, just a bit pricey, and takes a few month to arrive. So taping the broken glass together gave a suitable repair while waiting for a new backglass.

Repairing the game itself was also pretty straight forward. There are a few caveats to fixing this game, because it is a timed game (there’s no set ball number.) But that went well, and in a short time, the Williams Travel Time was ready for play at its new home!

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