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1964 Cadillac Ball Bowler EM repair (#008)

Received a call from a gentlemen in Vegas with a Chicago Coin 1964 Cadillac ball bowler. The game was not set up, and it’s working status unknown. Since this is a big job, it really does require two people to set up a ball bowler. The pieces are very heavy, two people are needed. No problem though! Got the game all set up, and of course, it did not work. But no problem, we’ve had quite a lot of ball bowler repair experience, so of course we got the game working!

All the typical service was done including checking/repairing the stepper units (and there’s a ton of them!), and putting an eyeball on all the switches and relays. Also some general wood working repair was also needed. The game is nearly 60 years old, that’s to be expected! Got everything sorted out, and the game completely working. Total time was about 4 hours for game set up and repair. Pretty good considering how big and complicated these ball bowler are!

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