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Gottlieb Cleopatra pinball repair (#002)

Working on a 1979 Gottlieb Cleopatra pinball today (solid state system1.) The owner wanted new drop targets installed. Since the targets are right dead center of the playfield, the originals were pretty beat up (and one was broken.) So indeed it was time for new targets!

Didn’t really have to remove the entire playfield from the game to do this, but there was a nice table right there, so decided to take advantage of that. It’s easier to work on the game with the playfield face down. You can do this on the game, with the playfield laying across the side rails. But doing it on a separate table with a blanket ensured no damage to any parts.

The new targets installed without issue. It is a bit of a chore to replace drop targets on Gottlieb games. But have done it so many times, can make it look like an easy job!

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